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How to get high DA PA backlinks in 2020


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In 2020 find high PA/DA backlinks dofollow is easy?

We have all known for years that the quality of backlinks matters as much or more than quantity. And if you want your to rank on the first page of google you’re going to have to somehow find some really big backlinks with a high PA /DA.

We are going to approach two ways first and to use backlinks that people post either on lists or forums or in youtube videos, it has the advantage of being fast but many are spammed and they must be checked before using them.

And the second buy quality backlinks the advantage is that we find high quality links but on the other hand the cost is quite high depending on the backlinks.

Use backlinks to others persons

To find a free list backlinks that people post just use google with the right keywords such as:

  • free dofollow backlink high PA / DA
  • backlinks list 2020
  • backlinks dofollow high pr free

You can use this search on Google, Youtube, Quora, or even on linkedin or others you know.

Then check the quality of the backlinks by checking the metrics on websiteseochecker.com The most important to look at and the DA (domain autorithy) must be minimum 40, the PA (autorithy page ) similar minimum 40 and the SS (Spam score) must be maximum 10.

Then check on the site with a plugin for your browser if the link is nofollow or dofollow, to be well seen by google you should have 50% nofollow and 50% dofollow.

For chrome

For firefox

A liver that all this is checked and that everything seems good to you, you just have to post the link of your site in the comments, on the forum or even a guest post.

How to Buy quality dofollow backlinks

There are plenty of sites that sell backlinks, you can find everything from packs of 50 pbn backlinks for $ 5 and on the contrary a single link on a site for $ 100, you can imagine that the pack of 50 links for $ 5, the links are often of poor quality and sub-taited by several people to help you. and the links at 100 $ the single link will surely be reserved for the advanced merchant and post on a blog or a private site and therefore that google will surely appreciate this quality backlinks much more.

Ask before where your links will be placed if possible, so you can check the metrics as seen in the part before, and not realize after that the links are of poor quality because it will be too late and you will have to badly disapprove of links.

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