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The best linktree alternative & link in bio instagram

what are the best alternative to linktree

There are several alternatives which are much better than the famous linktree, the best known are Socialinks.org, bio.fm, contactin.bio, linkin.bio.

All of these alternatives have the same options for link in bio

Of course all this site has the same options and even more because for this they had to make an effort on the development of the site and add more options and functionality!

Are the prices charged more or less expensive?

The prices practiced by the alternative to linktree are very affordable compared to the $ 6 practiced by linktree only for link in bio.
Most of this site will offer you, for an equivalent quality or even higher, prices that sometimes go up to half. At socialinks, for example, they’ll cost you $ 3 per month, which is cheap and very affordable.

best linktree alternative for links in bio instagram
Socialinks is a best link in bio instagram linktree alternative

Socialinks is the free alternative to linktree we are going to talk about

We created this service because we have seen a lot of complaints on linktree including high prices. Indeed to have a page with your premium links they will cost you $ 6 per month. except at socialinks it’s only $ 3 per month for the same options!

With the pro account, you can create unlimited projects and add as many linking pages as you want, we have also integrated a url softener to get the links of your page like this socialinks demo page.

Options available for link in bio

Here are the options available in detail to give you an idea of the potential of this alternative.

General options

In the general options you can choose a personalized url for your page in the form https://socialinks.org/my-page. You can also add an icon or a profile photo, define the title and description of your page, and you can choose if you want to see the blue verification badge appear. (PRO account). The color of the text and the background with a gradient, an image or a solid color.


In this categories you will have the possibility, either to remove the branding of scoialinks (PRO account). Or replace it with yours, for example your main site.


Integrate your analytics code for finer tracking. And of course you can integrate your facebook pixel to be able to retarget people who have seen your personal page.


For better referencing and appearing in the search engine such as google, yahoo, bing, yandex and still others you can choose your title which will appear at the top of the browser and a description.

UTM parameters

The UTM parameters allow you to see the origin of the traffic which led a visitor to your page.

Medium. It identifies the medium used by the Internet user. For example: “Instagram”, “Facebook”, “Pinterest”
Source. This parameter is used to add a finer level of segmentation. It allows to add more precision to the first parameter (Medium). For example: Adwods, Facebook Ads,


As its name suggests, the social tab will allow you to add buttons to all your social networks, very easily.


Use a custom font from a list that matches your brand image.

Types of links to add for your bio page

Socilainks allows you to add unlimited elements to all your pages, like for example.
the link elements which allow you to add a button that you can personalize, color of the background and the text, rounded or square edge, and still lots of stuff.
The text element allows you to add a text on your pages to describe a service or something else and to define a color.
Then you can integrate posts, photos, videos or your Mailchimp email capture form. Here is the list of services that can be integrated into your pages:

  • Youtube
  • Spotify
  • Soundcloud
  • TikTok
  • Twich
  • Vimeo
  • Mailchimp

Once you have everything well personalized and that it corresponds to your brand image, you can copy the link or patch it, you also have the possibility of generating a QR code for offline branding!

To test the service for free now register here

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